Formed in 2005 as Witching Hour by Henry Montoya and Lerby Sanchez before starting Witchaven in 2006.

Witchaven is a thrash metal band from Southern California. Their style of music combines elements of Thrash, Black Metal, and D-beat. The band was formed as Witching Hour in 2006 in Southern California. They began as a tribute to Venom but later decided to write original material. The original lineup featured vocalist/guitarist Henry Montoya, bassist Tommy Ocasio, drummer Raymond "Vile", and guitarist Getsemani Cortez. They soon changed their name to Witchaven and released two demos: Black Thrash Assault and The Vehemence of Attack.

In 2007 Witchaven recorded an EP, Faces of Death. The band at the time was composed of vocalist/guitarist Henry Montoya,bassist David Gallegos, drummer Rony Quintero, and guitarist Jerry Alvares.Rony left the band shortly after, 2008's Speed n' Spikes Volume 5, Released by Relapse Records. A new drummer,Lerby Sanchez joined the band and they began touring around the United States. In 2009 the band saw another line-up change with the departure of David and the introduction of Jorge Munoz on bass. Shortly after in 2010, Witchaven's debut album, Terrorstorm was released, Recorded in Denver Colorado and Produced by David Sanchez of Havok.

2014 Tour Shirt

2014 Tour Shirt

After touring the states and running up and down the west coast The band became one of the most promising up-and-coming Los Angeles thrash metal acts. In 2011 Jerry parted ways with the band and Erik Sneve joined on lead Guitars. the band started touring more extensively, playing popular fests and high profile gigs like Maryland Deathfest and opening up for Danzig's Blackest of the Black in California. The extensive touring took its toll and saw the departure of Jorge on bass. The band was joined by Mark Rider and continued touring the states. the band in a 3 year span lapped around the US 5 times touring with Speedwolf, Nocturnal (Germany), Hatchet and Exmortus.

In 2013 the band was worn out and saw a decline in popularity. It was then that Russell Mckay and Big Mike of Poor Kids Radio saw potential with the band. They began offering top dollar gigs to Witchaven, giving them opening spots to some of the biggest acts in metal. Mark Rider was forced to leave the band to make ends meet which saw the band looking to recuperate. Finally after a long search the band was joined by long time friend Frank-Daniel Duarte on Bass. after touring and a long hiatus the band began recording a second album and signed to Grey Haven Media records. Their sophomore record entitled, Blood Sacrifice.

Blood Sacrifice Recorded Mix & Mastered by HipCro Productions
Cover Artwork by Art of Sickness 666

Witchaven - Blood Sacrifice 2014 release on Grey Haven Media

Henry Montoya - Vox & Guitar
Erik Sneve - Guitar
Lerby Sanchez - Drums
Frank Duarte - Bass

1. Blood Sacrifice
2. Children
3. Monsanto Death Machine
4. Trance-Formation
5. Police State
6. Acquisition Morality
7. Death Rides A Pale Horse
8. Materialism Mania
9. Puppets On A String
10. Golden Rings of Blood



     Witchaven Discography

    1. The Vehemence of Attack - Demo 2006
    2. Black Thrash Assault - Demo 2007
    3. Faces of Death - EP 2007
    4. Unholy Thrash Attack - Compilation 2007
    5. Speed n' Spikes Volume 5 Split - 2008
    6. Totalitarian State of War Compilation - 2009
    7. Terrorstorm - 2010
    8. Sacrificial Burnt Offering - EP 2012
    9. Blood Sacrifice - 2014