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Hatchet - Fear Beyond Lunacy CD - $10


The band’s third release titled Fear Beyond Lunacy is highly anticipated among thrashers and metal heads worldwide. The album will debut a new Hatchet lineup behind founding member, vocalist, and lead guitarist, Julz Ramos. The new members have injected the band with a surge of raw energy, and fans of Hatchet will be overly satisfied with this revived enthusiasm laid into the recordings. Says Ramos, “the faster, thrashier tracks hit harder than ever before, while the melodic stuff is catchier and we’ve even experimented with some heavier, slower tempos.”

Julz Ramos: Vocals/Lead Guitar
Clayton Cagle: Lead Guitar
Kody "RF" Barba: Bass Guitar
Ben Smith: Drums

1.Where Time Cannot Exist
2.Living in Extinction
3.Lethal Injustice
4.In Fear We Trust
5.Killing Indulgence
6.Dead and Gone
7.Tearing Into Hell
8.Prophet of Delusion
9.The World Beyond
10.Frozen Hell (bonus track)

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